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Research and Development

Sector responsible for constantly seeking to expand the ability to create, innovate and analyze market trends, both in products and processes.Technical center for testing, sensory and performance.



Control and analysis at all stages of production process, ensuring reproduction and traceability of each lot;

- Quality control of primary materials;

- Water analysis and microbiological control;

- Research and development of new products;

- Prototyping and stability (Shelf Life Test);

- Analysis of final product and during the process.



Products follow all rules and regulations of ANVISA:

- Product registration process;

- Barcode control;

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Brazil has the greatest biodiversity in the world.

Champs Hair cosmetics works with specialized laboratories in cosmetology, exploiting all our diversity, transforming it into high quality products.

All products are duly registered by the competent Brazilian agency, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).Brazilian economy allows us to have competitive prices in international market. Also, Brazilian products are well seen in our industry.

Brazil is the third largest consumer market for products related to beauty. Beauty market continues to grow. The year of 2015 registered an increase of 7.5% in the sector’s revenues. We are talking about U$12 billion in sales during the year.

In 2016 Champs Hair cosmetics is developing global connections, thus obtaining technical and financial gains, reaching new markets.

Champs Hair cosmetics moves with the world.

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